Alli Chastain formed TVH in late 2010. Since then the band has thrived in the Fort Smith, AR region and traveled coast-to-coast in the United States. What began as an acoustic duo has developed into an American melodic hard rock experience, featuring dual guitar leads as well as an electric cello.  The five-piece shredding ensemble has played a 14-state tour reaching California, rocked a summer residency in Dallas playing occasional shows at Six Flags Over Texas, and joined Mark “The Animal” Mendoza of classic hair metal band Twisted Sister in Long Island.  In addition to the countless shows local and afar, the band has released five singles that were released together as an EP in 2020.  The band recently released the music video for “Toxicutie” which is included with additional bonus content on the EP.

Alli Chastain

Lead Vocals/Electric Cello

The TVH founder adds her soulful vocals, riotous screams, and bewitching cello to the forefront of the ensemble. Alli’s signature purple cello is a Cecilio CCO-100 outfitted with a piezo pickup. One of her favorite moments in TVH’s decade of history was touching the sands of Long Beach, California. She takes pride in the band’s coastal reach and hopes to take them overseas.

Music has always played an intricate part of Alli’s life. Her grandmother’s piano lessons and parent’s church singing introduced her to music at a young age. She’s been performing since 5 years old and began songwriting at 12.  The seasoned cellist has played for over 20 years too, but her skills are no secret. When she’s not rocking on stage Alli offers private lessons for piano, guitar, and cello.

Instigator Jon


As one of the original members of the band, Jon has rocked with TVH since 2010. During shows you may catch him playing his Parker or Fender behind his head, a signature move of the Instigator.  The guitarist has over 35 years of musical experience and has played for a variety of band styles including jazz, funk, blues, and rock.  Since his decade with TVH, Jon has weathered a lot with the band – which includes surviving natural disasters!

Much like Alli, Jon grew up surrounded by music. His father was an excellent jazz guitarist which lead Jon to learn multiple instruments in his youth.  Prior to picking up the guitar, the Instigator played saxophone and bass. Today, in addition to playing with TVH, he’s a dad, a lover of Marvel comics, and has no apologies for his addiction to Death Wish coffee.

Jake "Moose" Gibson


Jake brought his sticks to TVH in 2012. He is primarily self-taught, though he has gained knowledge from musicians such as Tyler Benton and Darren Williams.  Jake has played drums his entire life and brings over 18 years of performance and studio drumming to TVH. He keeps the band steady using Mapex Drums, Evans drum heads, and Sabian cymbals. His favorite memory made with the band was meeting Jim Dandy of Black Oak Arkansas and joining him onstage for a live cover of Hendrix’s “Watch Tower.”

Jake grew up in Dallas, Texas and currently lives in Roland, Oklahoma. He appreciates music of all genres and listens to a variety of styles including classical, jazz, Motown, and funk. When he’s not playing with the band Jake co-hosts the Wired Insomnia Podcast with his wife, Amanda. In addition to creating online content he’s also an avid chess player.

John "The Barber" Gibson


John joined TVH as a bass player in 2017, and since then, his role in the band has evolved to include keys and vocals. John has over two decades of musical experience.  Touring throughout the south has been John’s favorite TVH memory and he hopes to one day tour with Sevendust, too.

John worked with Jake “The Moose” in the early 2000s on Epic Chaos before the two joined TVH. When he’s not on stage the Indianan native loves spending time with his family. And the nickname isn’t a misnomer – he really is a barber!

Colton "The Storm" Gudgell

Guitar/Backing Vocals

Colton joined TVH on bass in 2018.  He has over a decade of music experience and can play any instrument thrown his way, including the trombone.  The guitarist has loved spending time with the band, both onstage and off, especially the tri-flash experience.  He hopes to someday play for an arena-sized audience or open for one of his idols like KISS or Judas Priest.

Colton takes pride in playing excessively loud music as well as writing and walking. It may be unexpected but he also enjoys dancing and takes Kevin Davis’ dance classes.

Kevin Dewayne Davis

Choreographer/Backup Dancer

Kevin Davis began collaborations with TVH by choreographing the audience-participatory song, “Moonshine Stomp” in 2019. Since then he has choreographed multiple songs for the band’s backup dancers, including the dance featured in the music video “Toxicutie.”

Kevin has been dancing since 2004 and teaching at Attitudes Dance Studio since 2009. He has choreographed for drill teams, pageantry, and competition dance. At Attitudes he teaches hip hop, ballet, and tap from ages 18 months to adults. See more of Kevin or inquire about lessons by following his Instagram mrkevindances.

Carol Ann Carson

Backup Dancer

Carol Ann debuted with TVH at a local show in December 2019. She co-starred with Kevin in the music video for “Toxicutie.”  She has danced with Kevin in a variety of styles since 2016. 

When she’s not on stage Carol Ann writes the Arkansas articles for the travel website where she has been published over 850 times.

Amanda Marie Gibson

Visual Artist/Stylist

Amanda creates album covers and visuals for TVH through her artistry and keeps the band looking fresh with her cosmetology skills.  She became involved with TVH in 2012. She has 11 years of art experience.  Her most beloved TVH experience was driving non-stop in a packed van with the band to South Carolina.

Amanda is originally from Keflavik Iceland but she came to the Fort Smith area and met her husband, Jake, in 2013. When she’s not active with TVH, Amanda manages a Sally Beauty store. She also co-hosts the Wired Insomnia Podcast with her husband, Jake.

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